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●The structure of the loading part is tank type semi-trailer, which can be customized according to the loading of different loads, different volumes, materials and compartment.

●On use: Mainly used for transporting liquid, bulk powder and particulate matter.


1. Tank trailers for transporting ordinary liquids. For example: Water tank semi trailer, Fuel tank semi trailer and so on.

2. Tank trailer resistant to acid, alkali and different chemical liquids. For example: Chemical tank trailer.

3. Standard container tanks for ship transport (mounted on Skeleton semi-trailers or Flatbed semi-trailers). For example: 40 feet LPG tank container, with 40 feet tank container and so on.

4. Tank semi-trailer for transporting compressed liquids. For example: LNG tank semi-trailer, LPG tank semi-trailer, CNG tank semi trailer and so on.

5. Tank semi-trailer for transport and heating at the same time. For example: Asphalt transport semi trailer, Asphalt spray semi-trailer.

6. Tank semi-trailer for transport and mixing at the same time. For example: Cement mixing semi trailer.

7. Tank semi-trailer used for transporting powder/particles. For example: Bulk cement tank semi trailer, Grain transport tank semi trailer and so on.

8.  Tank semi-trailer for lightweight, corrosion-resistant, heat-conductive tank semi-trailer. For example: Aluminum tank semi trailer.


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