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In the customer group has formed the good public praise, becomes one of Chinese trailer manufacture industry leading enterprises.
  • What sort of semi-trailers do you manufacture?

    We manufactures various kinds of semi-trailer, container transport semi-trailer, bulk cement tanker, fuel tanker, low bed semi-trailer, stake semi-trailer, side wall semi-trailer, box semi-trailer, dump semi-trailer, car carrier in series, etc. 
  • Where can I find more information about a specific kind of trailer?

    To find out more about what is standard and what options are available for a specific product, please use the navigation bar on our website to locate the type of semi-trailer you are interested in.  
  • Is it possible to have a trailer built to suit my needs in particular?

    Apart from the standard range of our semi-trailers, we could also design products according to actual situations for our customers.  We specialize in custom built semi-trailers. Every semi-trailer is a bespoke unit with the chassis fabricated in our workshop. This enables us to offer a fully flexible design and build service to your exact specifications. 
  • I am not sure exactly what I want - Can you help with ideas?

    If we are unable to find a standard semi-trailer to suit you, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements in detail and design and build a solution. We encourage clients to visit our premises to look at the work in progress of semi-trailers in build which give ideas and illustrate what potentially is available. We would then produce a color visual, detailed specification and budget costs for your consideration. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service and the quality and finish of our semi-trailers. 
  • What is the lead time for having a semi-trailer made?

    The lead time for a semi-trailer varies depending on the length, width and style. Please contact a sales representative for more detailed information. 


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