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Tianjin ANJUN Trailer manufacturing Co.,Ltd,formerly known as Tianjin LOHR Industry Co., LTD.,established by Tianjin Anda Group and France Lohr company in 1995 in Tianjin, which is the economic center of north China.The company is located in the DEDA of Tianjin,near the Tianjin Port, which is the first port in north china, convenient transportation and advantageous geographical location. Along with development of company and expansion of market demand, through additional investments and extension, the factory scale more than a hundred thousand square meters and hundreds of production capacity per month.At present, the technology and drawings of French Raul are still used and upgraded.
The idea we always adhere to is"respect customers,science and technology innovation, pay attention to quality and courage to break through”.Over the years,under the support of idea, our company continuously insists on technological innovation and customer demand first, pay attention to quality control, established a strict quality control process, note accumulation and formed the ability of completely in accordance with customer needs design and organize production, in order to achieve the perfect fit between products and customer demand, has a professional sales team and has trained a experienced and technical generalist after-sales service team.
Since the company establishment, in the introduction of absorption, on the basis of a variety of advanced technology and process, after the company leadership, technical, production,sales and after-sales personnel of accumulation and innovation, through the analysis of the market, customer feedback, the development of the industry,the introduction of new equipment, new technology, new material, the company product line has covered car carrier,cargo transport semi-trailer, container semi-trailer,multifunctional semi-trailer, tipper semi-trailer, etc, and established a good reputation in the industry and stable customer base, won the domestic and foreign customers trust in different areas and different industry.
In particular, the car carrier was the first company to realize zero-kilometer transportation in China, and it also provided important suggestions for the revision of the national sedan transport Act The company has established a professional design team with dozens of people and a production technical worker team with more than 100 people, covering vehicle modification and transportation vehicle design. The products have successfully entered the markets of Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In the customer group has formed the good public praise, becomes one of Chinese trailer manufacture industry leading enterprises.
At present, the company has passed ISO9001 and the 3C certification of Chinese government (mandatory product certification system in China),and became the member of Chinese GB1589 standard revision group.
We have industrial robotic arms that can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks such as welding, assembly and material handling, among others. These arms provide superior accuracy and repeatability, ensure consistent and accurate results in repetitive tasks, and can work tirelessly without interruption, thereby increasing productivity and reducing production time to deliver high-quality products.
We also have high-precision controlled metal laser cutting machines, which can accurately and stably cut metal materials into shape. It can process both ultra-long materials and ultra-short tailings, greatly reducing material costs, so we are more capable of manufacturing high-quality trailers.
We believe, as long as we always adhere to the “patriotism, dedication, truth-seeking, endeavour" spirit of company, through our continuous efforts, accurate positioning, scientific and technological innovation and delicacy management, always with"innovation products, service customers, contribute to society"as own duty, make Tianjin ANJUN Trailer manufacturing Co., Ltd a great enterprise which customers can entrust their hopes, dreams and future.

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