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Professional Advantages
    The company is attached to ANDA group and has more and more professional advantages.
    Continuously adhere to technological innovation, adhere to customer demand first, pay attention to quality control, and establish a strict quality control process; Pay attention to accumulation, form the ability to design drawings and organize the production of relevant vehicles in full accordance with customer needs, so as to achieve the perfect fit between products and customer needs, and cultivate an experienced and skilled after-sales service team. We provide customers with a full range of services from negotiation, signing orders to delivery, and provide real-time tracking of the whole process to ensure the quality and quantity of products.
    Advanced technology, perfect design and testing system, good quality awareness and the concept of continuous innovation have led us to rapid development in the past few years. Based on the R & D technology of American SunPower company, we focus on the R & D, production, processing, sales, service and import and export enterprises of basic steel structural parts of solar power station, auto parts and other mechanical products, The production workshop is equipped with Panasonic automatic welding robot equipment, special steel structure welding equipment and axle automatic welding equipment. The overall welding process and welding equipment are in a leading position in China. At present, the annual production capacity of steel structures for solar power stations mainly produced is 200MW, and the annual production capacity of trailer axles is 10000. The stable supply of C7 photovoltaic power station project has been realized, and 13T straight axle and 10t concave axle with semi-trailer drum brake have been launched; Disc brake 10t straight axle and 10t concave axle; Integral axle drum brake straight axle for semi-trailer; Semi trailers use a series of products such as single point suspension and air suspension.


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